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London - the swim

Has anyone any experience of the swim?

Are the marker bouys easily visible from the water, or are there any good landmarks that can be used for sighting?

Sunshine, are tinted goggles necessary, or will clear ones suffice?

Whats the water like, is it cleari’ch or murky, and any bad tase / smell?


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey, Ive only got last years experience to go by, but its a long way to the turn buoy and as you know, it hard to spot in the split second you look up, so I think a lot of people aim for the tower on the bridge behind the buoy, and theres also the pedestrian bridge near the start to aim for onthe way back. Check out the swim course before you get and make sure you know what to look for on either way. Better than deciding mid swim. The water was fine last year, no worse than any lake Ive swum in so a bit murky but not dirty or smelly, and the temp was fine. Good luck!
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