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I was told that MK was a fast course - and it was

PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
Anyone here do Milton Keynes OD on Sunday morning?

Good race, nice venue, well organized and damned fast!

I think it’s fair to say that the course might not have been the full distance but stuff it, I got the time I was looking for and I can now say I’ve gone under 2:30.

Swim was a bit of a circuitous route around a lake. My eyes nearly popped out of my head seeing my watch at 25:10 on exit, my fastest swim split yet. It must have been short.

Bike was a 2 lap route with some climbing but some nice fast descents too. My legs lacked power at key times – lesson for next season I guess – and I was a couple of minutes slower than I’d hoped for at 1:14. My bike computer clocked 39.3km which would have included the in and out of T1 & T2 bits.

3 lap run route which again must have been short – I was within a minute of my standalone 10k PB, clocking in at 44:27.

Total time 2:27, just outside the top half in my age category.

Pleased with that but still - it's a target to beat next year.

Transitions were sloppy but I wasn't too fussed about leaving 30 seconds out there.

On to my debut marathon in October now. I’m training exclusively for this now.

This season's "end of term report":

- I’m no longer a laggard in the swim having finished above the bottom 40% in both my recent races, but still room to get better. Still, it’s nice to finally think I'm still in the race after the swim leg.
- Put more hours in on the bike. Spend much more time at or close to race intensity.
- Running going well – keep working at it and further improvement beckons.


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    i did mk oly on sunday morning too. think its a brilliant course, and really well organised. the hoody we got was nice too, well happy with that! i was hoping to finish under 2 hours 20 and managed a 2hour 18 min 58 so really happy with that. found the swim really easy as i managed to fight (literally! that was a tough pack!) my way and get onto the back of the lead group and drafted off them all the way to the swim exit so think i came out the water in the top 20 (going to check all the times as soon as i finish this post!). ride was good, legs felkt good so i kept pushing and i only got overtaken by 5 people but i got back past 2 of them. i 'forgot' (as in i didnt know) the run was 3 laps and because i felt so good after the first lap i really pushed hard on the second lap, only to die when i realised i had another lap to do. manged to not walk at all though on the last lap and even had a little left for a sprint finish. really pleased, now on to ironman on sunday!
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    jules653jules653 Posts: 11
    The MK course was definitely short - I also popped out of the swim with a massive PB and spent the entire course wondering whether my watch was faulty or whether my swimming technique had suddenly 'clicked' in the last few days (obviously it had not!). I was also not sure about the run, but figured the perfectly flat course could explain the fast times.

    It was a great course, really enjoyed it, and would definitly recommend it. But it would be good if they cold get the distances right as its hard to track your progress compared to previous races.
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    think the swim was short, the bike was near enough, i got 39.3 on my computer, but the commentator said the run route was spot on 10 k and had been verified. so think it's close enough. i wouldnt compare times between different venues anyway as almost all courses are long or short, i only ever compare likef or like so whilst this was a pb for me, next year i will compare times for this course only
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    PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
    At least I know my computer is calibrated right as mine read 39.3km too.

    With regard to the run course, the thought crossed me that that silly little detour around the copse early in each lap was there to make sure the run course came to exactly 10k, as there'd have been little point in it otherwise.

    Anyway, I'll do that event again. It's handy enough from NW London where I live and everything ran really smoothly.

    I agree about only comparing like-with-like times.
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    Wish I hadn't read this post, thought my 26 minute swim was awesome considering I normally go around Box End in 16 minutes (roughly 800m).

    I love that bike route, especially the killer hill followed by some fast road. Totally screwed up the bike on this tri though, near on 40 minutes per lap (have done that loop in under 35 minutes before)
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