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cycling routes around london

Hi everyone,

I live in east London and I'm a bit bored of my cycling routes ( I usually go towards city airport and do loops there, or take a train and go to Richmond) so if anyone in my area can suggest new routes or just want to go out for a ride during the week-ends let me know.




  • u_j_2001u_j_2001 Posts: 47
    Head on down to Epping Forest, I was mountain biking there this weekend and saw loads of road cyclists. They all meet outside the Epping Forest main centre, near the pub at High Beach. There is a van selling coffee in the parking lot where they all stop for a bite.
    I'm sure you could tag along with a few.

  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Is richmond good for riding? Is it a place you can go into the park or just do laps of the roads surrounding it?

    I'm more north and I like to head over the back of hamstead heath and down towards regents park for a new laps, reasonably smooth roads - if I head directly down through camden then its a real bone shaker of a ride...
  • Hi Fabio - you could go with East London tri who are out and about that way. They meet Woodford Green (see website for times). East London velo also meet in Woodford Green, as do Lea Valley cyclists (yep, they all meet at the same pub often at the same start time and then head off!). Alternatively, we put bikes in car and drive out to Bexley and then go down into Kent so you could do that. I agree, Beckton is not exactly a scintillating ride.....and Richmond not exactly a nice cycle over from east London.

    Let me know if you want some route ideas and i'll plot you a couple if you give me an idea of distance.
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