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Bala Standard 13th September

JulesJules Posts: 987
I'm doing this. Anyone else?

Never done it before.


  • Pebbles93Pebbles93 Posts: 21
    Hi Jules,

    I am also planning on doing this race - my first OD Not registered yet though...

    Was in Snowdon a couple of weeks ago and took the opportunity to drive the bike route. It's a straight out & back course, unfortunately most of the first half is downhill with a few lumpy bits thrown in at the start. Can't say I'm too enthusiastic about the 2nd half of the bike route.

    Anyone done this race and can give some advice?
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I was doing it, but then one of my best friends decided on having his stag do that weekend!

    I'm gutted to be honest as it would have been my first OD. Settled on doing Tatton the weekend after now (OD) but really wish I was doing Bala.

    Good luck, its a stunning location, look forward to hearing your reports.
  • fattafffattaff Posts: 3
    Fat taffs in, all signed up and a good crowd going up and camping in Pen y bont only 1km from transition. Did this event last year which was my first O/D and loved it.

    The start was delayed and the route altered last minute due to low fog. Beware the lake is cold which took me by surprise last year.

    The bike is mainly flat with one short hill but its a fast course, you dont notice the lumpy bits honest.

    The run is a out and back along the first 5km of the bike course, turn around in the campsite and return the same way, also a fast route if you run fast that is.

    There were about 600 competing last year and 200 were in my swim wave start, if its your first open water start stay to the back and out to the side away from any trouble, I didnt and got swam over 3 times in the first 100m, with the shock of this and the water temp I nearly didnt go any further.

    However I did live to tell the tale and will see you up there in September, its an excellent race and like me you will be back again.

    All the best Fat Taff
  • Pebbles93Pebbles93 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the info Fattaff and the tip about the lake. Am going to have to figure out how to get my thermals on under my wetsuit now

    I checked the bike route again on the website and there seems to be some discrepancy. It states that the run follows the bike route, but the website shows a dfferent route for each. Looks like I recce'd the wrong bike route so VERY glad to hear it's much flatter - I have been fretting about the long climb back up the hill to T2. Have just sent in my entry form though so no going back now...

    Next step is to find somewhere to stay. I don't "do" camping, especially when I'm sure there's a perfectly good B&B nearby
  • Im doing Bala as my first Olympic distance too and I'm glad that the bike run isn't too hilly.

    Can't wait to do it as people have told me just how beautiful a course it is!

    Done a few others in Wales and the scenery is always the best here.

    Tri Pencil
  • IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    I'm sending off my entry form tomorrow - I've been unsure whether to do it as i'm doing the Great North Swim on the Saturday and two sprints the weekend after (Tatton & North West) - But what the hell you only live once and it is the last Olympic of the season!!!
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Bloody cold water is what I keep hearing. Apart from that it all sounds great an I am really looking forward to it
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