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Half Ironman dilemma

I'm down for a middle distance race (1.9km/90km/21km) on 23rd August, four weeks yesterday. Yesterday I completed a sprint (400m/25km/5km) with times and ranks (out of everyone) of:
Swim 8:38 (128/238)
Bike 51.02 (85/238) includes T1 and T2.
Run 24:37 (78/238)
Total 1:24:17 (83/238)

...and felt great at the end. The previous week I also did a sprint (750m/25km/5km) with times of:
Swim 17:54 (107/140)
Bike 53:00 (22/140)
Run 23:35 (27/140)
Total 1:39:25 (46/140)

...and again felt like I had a lot of energy at the end.

I've been running the two half marathons each year with the last one five months ago at 1hr42min. I've been lake swimming a few times and will be able to lake swim at least a couple of times before race. I'm reasonably comfortable with ~1400m at the moment (not tried further) but I've never ridden more than 25km fast. I've done 70km before but not at race pace.

So the question is, how feasible, given my recent performance and that I have just four weeks to work on distance/endurance is this middle distance race? What do I need to watch out for? What problems am I likely to have and above all what training do I need to do over the next few weeks?



  • clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    Eireman. The bike looks nice, on closed duel carriageway.
  • the bike leg for eireman looks flat, seems to be good, was looking at doing it myself next year, if you think your comfortable with the run, i can't imagine the cycle will take to much out of you and still a few weeks to go to make up your mind. see how feel in 3 weeks.
  • clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    Individually I'm okay with the distances I think. The new ground is working hard for 6hrs+. I can certainly run a half marathon in a half decent time, I've just never tried it after 4hrs of swimming and biking! I guess I should be concentrating on doing a few 40km, 60km rides followed by a run over the next couple of weeks.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    If you are ok with the distances individually you should be fine.....

    Nutrition starts to be a massive part from this distance so make sure you take on board enough gels/drink on the bike..... as if you dont the run can suddenly appear to be a very long way.....

    By now you should have a nutritional plan to use...basically whatever you do at Standard just carry on at that rate.....

    If you are content with finishing then use this as an experience and dont worry about time just aim to finish. This will give you the experience of racing this distance and something you can build on for the next one.

    One more peice of advice is if you havent raced above or trained hard above 50km on the bike then try not to get carried away with the atmosphere of it all and blow yourself up on the bike...

    I think a time to aim for if the course is flat is 3 hours on the bike going off the sprint times, however that would be allowing for not alot of drop off depending on training level/ability etc.

    Saying that I can nearly hold sprint pace at half IM level, however I have trained to be able to do this. Dont attempt it if you haven't trained at that pace as it will leave you with nothing for the run.

    Above all else, go out there, have fun, enjoy the race, take in the atmosphere and do your best....Be it a finish in 4 hours or a finish in 8 hours You cannot do more than try your best.

    Good Luck!!!!
  • jasonnawtyjasonnawty Posts: 20
    DO what i did about 4 weeks before UK HIM and do 56 slow paced miles on undulating roads followed by a 10 mile run. I had my son follow me on the run on his bmx with a back pack full of my nutriton and drinks. This worked well and by the end of it i had the confidence a month before that i could make the distance, to be fair i started tapering off after that. I only have one pace so it was easier for me, you have a race pace that you are going to try and live up too. I would only do that if i had practiced at racepace over a longer distance than sprints.
    Hope this helps mate and good luck.
  • clv101clv101 Posts: 45
    Thanks for your comments. Seems I need to convince one of the local kids to carry my grub!
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