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London Tri - Transition Access / Bike Racking Times

Hi. Does anyone know what time transition will be open on the saturday for sunday pm racers to rack their bikes? Will it be open at all on the sunday (there seems to be a good gap between the last morning race and the first afternoon race)? I'm travelling from abroad and will only get to London about 7pm on saturday evening so I'm worried transition will be closed at that stage and I won't be allowed rack on the sunday as it will be too busy with races already started. I've mailed the organisers and got a standard response indicating that it could be a week before they can reply. I telephoned them also but the guy I spoke to wasn't too sure. Any help appreciated.


  • DanteDante Posts: 22
    Hi there,

    I too am racing Sunday afternoon at London and was wondering this. I received the welcome pack and although it says that bikes should be racked on Saturday, it doesnt specify times.

    Looking at the event map / layout - there is a separate transition area for Sunday afternoon competitiors so i'm going to rock up on Sunday morning to rack as I wont be getting in anyones way.

    To be honest I wouldn't have registered for the event had I known that I would have to drive in to central london twice in two days...(no bikes on the DLR / tube etc)

    If they don't let me race (even after the 'i'm doing it for charidee' sob story!), i'll sack it and go on the beers! That way I can't lose either way!

  • cruchan09cruchan09 Posts: 7
    I got a mail saying I could register and rack between 8 and 9 on Sunday morning but only by presenting said mail as proof that I have been given prior approval to do so. I'm not racing until 2.10pm!!

    The last race on Saturday is at 5pm and I expect to arrive at the race site at around 6.30ish so I assume that the venue will still be open. Think I'll chance driving straigh to the venue from the ferry and hope I get there before it shuts. Its worth a try if it gets me an extra few hours in bed on sunday.
  • heymonkeyheymonkey Posts: 45
    "The last race on Saturday is at 5pm and I expect to arrive at the race site at around 6.30ish so I assume that the venue will still be open"

    My missus starts at 5pm and won't finish until 7pm, so probably 7.30 before she recovers her bike. I'm sureyou'll be good for 6.30
  • timbo75timbo75 Posts: 3
    Yeah I had the same question. Fortunately I live in London, so was planning to head down 4pm ish and take it from there....quite important info that should have been in the pack reallly..

    Two other unrelated questions: does anyone carry a puncture repair when doing the cycle? and does anyone eat mid race?

  • Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    I carry a spare tube and a couple of co2 cartridges. Although I'm not the fastest a changing a flat it would get me back.
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