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Bodyglide . . .

Where is ti intended to be used. Had a debate with another user as he only rubs it on his neck to stop chafing, whereas I seem to put it just about everwhere, neck, wrists, ankles, shoulders, armpits, etc, to assist in T1. And does anyone use baby oil?


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Tessaract uses baby oil, whereas I use bodyglide on the legs, arms, and neck.

    Although it does run out quite quickly.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Most places - neck, wrists, thighs, feet, anywhere else I can think of.

    [Disgustingness alert] I used to get really bad painful sweat rash on the insides of my thighs. Now I put Bodyglide on before and after running or biking and it's completely gone, can't recommend it enough.
  • I only use it on my neck when training, but also ankles and wrists in races
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I should say I only bother with neck and wrists when using the wetsuit.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I saw a guy using baby oil at heron lake on sunday. but he was rather too liberal with it for my liking. I dont think you are supposed to cover your whole body with it. The Exxon Valdez look is overrated. He was French I guess.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    does it stop jogger's nipple?
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    willtri wrote:
    does it stop jogger's nipple?
    Yes it does, thankfully...

    so you can guess where i put it
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