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Swim warm up . . .

Does anyone do this. I've done dry land war up's and water warm ups, but generally found that by the time I've got to the start lines, and been left waiting for a while, I'm sure the benfit from the warm up has been negated.

I watched and Elite races a few weeks ago, and they seemed to swim about 3km just to warm up for a 1500m race

Does anyone just turn up, jump in, and start swimming?


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    turn up, jump in, and start swimming?
    this is generally my warm up techique

    I have found recently that swimming a lap of Heron, getting out and going in a again soon after that my second lap is easier, faster and less painful.

    I understand why people warm up (elites), but don't feel I would actually benefit that much from it....

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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    A small amount of warm up is beneficial,particularly in open water that is cold.
    it allows the water to circulate through the wetsuit,warm up,and will help to prevent those first few uncomfortable moments when you try to swim whilst getting kicked in the face and having your wetsuit zipper pulled down,as you hyperventilate.But 3km does seem a touch excessive though.
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