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Bike for sale in Birmingham

Quest Aluminium road bike
20" inch frame
Carbon Forks
Ultegra Groupset
Mavic open pro rims

Good condition £200 0no

please call 07974 418259 or 07870599165


  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    Have you got any pics?
  • sambozsamboz Posts: 7
    No pics at moment sorry, it is in good condition though and is plain silver
  • Is that a 50cm frame ? How old is the groupset, wheels, frame etc ?

    Pics please
  • Is this still for sale?

    I would like to know the top length, age of groupset, milage since groupset was put on.

    And a picture would be lovely, sorry for being a pain, but if you want me to give you £200 I will need some additional info.

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