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Commute without a shower

I'd really like to start cycling to work, a 12k each way journey through central London. However, my office doesn't have a shower.

I don't need to wear a suit so that makes it a little easier but...does anyone have any tips other than "don't go too fast" to ensure i wouldn't end up being the bloke in the office known as Stinky? I'm also a member of a gym near my home so joining one near the office is out.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Keep a deodorant and baby wipes in your desk, go slowly, don't wear a backpack (trust me on that), always wear shorts, drink lots of water and go slowly
  • JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I'm always astounded when I see businessmen cycling to work in their suits... if it were me I'd be dripping with sweat in no time.

    In answer to the question I run round the conrner from work to the local gym for a shower. Is there a gym nearby?
  • low HR training..

    good base training.

    keep in Z2.. slow but will seriously help - any not much sweating!!!!
  • Leave your work clothes in the office, wear wicking clothes for the ride and leave a towel and some anti persprirant in the office too.
  • SwizzlenapSwizzlenap Posts: 160
    Thanks all. Towel and baby wipes it it!

    Purpously trying to go slow....hmmm, that'll be a new one.
  • I always slow down when behind some hot chick in park...they speed up...i guess that must be pretty suspicious especially when i speed up after them. Thats why glasgow produces so many good female athletes
  • Hit the toilets and start splashing around likes it 1999 ... i always give the floor a quick dry after my 'morning freshen up' (wash) in the toilet sink .. we do have showers here but my ride is only 15mins max so not worthy of a second morning shower, plus i hit the gym at lunch.

    Also, buy a desk fan (3 speed) .. my most crucial desk accessory.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    our tropps learn to do a FULL personal cleanse with a MUG of water. Including their teeth.

    Strip wash at the sink can;t be that difficult /

  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I did have this problem and the only way I got around it was by joining gym close to my work did a quick workout, shower then go to work. It keeps you extra fit but is expensive, but then you save money on driving.

    My boss then said he'd put a shower in my work how cool is that?? It is a nightmare though if your commute is over three miles, mine is seventeen.
  • MaccladMacclad Posts: 16
    Make sure you get fragrance free baby wipes with no moisturisers in them, otherwise you'll smell and feel all wierd.
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