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Socks or sockless . . .

I'm a woos, and I know it, and I don't like getting blisters. I cycle (sprint and OD) in bare feet, but always put socks on for the run, and this is how I train and race. However, I'm conscious that I obviously need to start going sockless, but the thought of blisters put's me off at the moment.

How long does it take for your feet to get used to being sockless, and when starting out does the blistering prevent you from running day-to-day.

I'm just slightly concerned as I have a fairly busy race schedule between now and mid October, and can't really afford to miss any training / racing due to blistered feet, so not sure whether to start sockless running now, or wait until my last race in October to start, but then this will be in the rainy season (ha ha ha, looking out of the window) and this will onky agravate the situation.


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    I always train with socks and race with out.. at Windsor I got really bad blisters...

    I'm a little odd with that blisters are like a medal or T-Shirt, proof of your success at a Tri..

    Windsor was down to old trianers that I tightened too much.. I'm hoping when I try it at the weekend it will be fine and no blisters
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Do not run in socks if it is not for you, the few seconds you save in T2 will be lost as you mince your way in agony through the 5 or 10K leg.

    Get your sock


    Fold it down but do not roll it


    Place inside shoe so it does get knocked about, blown away etc.[attachment=0:v5qzdv86]PICT0006.JPG[/attachment:v5qzdv86]

    I have just noticed that I have put the Right foot sock in the left shoe - deliberate training error, if wearing foot specific socks put them in the proper shoe.
    If it is raining then a small face towel draped over your shoes will keep them substantially dry and also keep it all in place.

    If you do go sockless then train and get used to it before an event, rub Bodyglide around the heel etc so the foot slides in nicely and helps reduce rubbing.
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Excellent demonstration photos, thanks for that.
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