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Tri start times are too early!

Has anyone else got as p-ed off as me at the time that most tris seem to start in the morning?

Surely it's excessive to have races starting at 6am (windsor) or 7am (london), etc ,etc. I have a lot of friends and family who often show interest in coming along to support and enjoy the spectacle (as I'm sure would the general public) if tris didn't start in the wee small hours of the morning. What's more it really annoys me to spend weeks and months training and then have to try to get 'a nights' sleep before a race when I have to get up at 3am to have brekkie, travel and set myself up beforehand.

Would a football match start at 6am in order to avoid congestion on local roads from supporters? Anyway just felt the need to vent my spleen after another rubbish nights sleep before a race....


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    The Upton Tri started at 13:30. That was decidedly social timing.

    I think it depends on how many people have entered and how long it takes to get through all the waves. Windsor and London are very popular so have a lot of people to get through. If you go for a smaller one the times are better but the event is perhaps not as special.

    Alternatively, train harder and get into a class that sets off later. The Elite class seems to usually go last so every one finishes around the same sort of time.
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    transittransit Posts: 163
    I agree with trijunkers, I've had to be up at some ridiculous times to get to triathlons this year. One in Sunderland on Sunday requires registration before 6.30am I think and it's only a sprint in the sea so it's not like they have lots of people to get through in the pool!!!

    The only good thing about early starts is that when you get home at lunchtime you can feel all self righteous as you see the people staggering down the street for a paper having just got up [:D] (And you know you can have a big lunch with no more training!)
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Being a 'Morning' Person early starts don't really bother me.... but using Transits example of Sunderland - Seaburn / Roker seafronts are very pleasant (I'm sure I saw some Palm Trees last time I was there, global warming?) and popular on nice days, yeah I know we don't get many of these in the North East.

    I sometimes use that coast road as part of my bike training, and I would not want be racing on a weekend after 11am, the road is full of Motor Bikes, chavs in their modified Corsa's and a lot people / pets generally on the sea front.

    I doubt the local council or Police would give their permission to hold an event like a Triathlon at a later time.

    ps Transit ..... see you there for a cold swim!!!

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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    It's not always an option, our club put on an event in June and we had real problems with the use of the pool, despite all our efforts we were forced into an early registration as we had to clear the pool in time for public swimming. Sadly we don't get the support of our local County Council in a way that would benefit competitors and spectators!

    It's a pain for thise that have to travel and no doubt it puts some people off but in the case of our race it was this or nothing.

    It drives me mad, in a time when we should all be encouraged to get fitter and dare I say it healthier we get little support from local Government who, round here (Wales) are gradually closing all our local pools and making race events a financial no go with all the permits and fees etc etc. So much for free swimming for all after 2012 - if you don't live in the city there'll be nowhere left to swim!

    Oh dear... sorry about that, I guess I went off on one! Still, I do agree that starts are often early but I guess I realise that there isn't always a choice. Better an early start than no race in my view.
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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    The Elite class seems to usually go last so every one finishes around the same sort of time.



    For Bath Tri the (my first tri) Standard distance starts at 0730 with the Sprints starting at 0945.

    I'm in the last wave at 1040 (no lie in though as I want to watch as much of the event as possible) so I hope they're not expecting to much from me as I'm about as close to being an Elite as I am to being Prime Minister!
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    The other obvious element is traffic!

    I did Stratford Sprint this year and as resonable swimmer went off early in the pool. Those people who turned up later for the team races etc were starting out as I was leaving the venue, and I didnt envy them coming out of the car park into Stratford tourist traffic at 10am!

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I can see some ridiculous times here to start a sprint or oly tri! In Belgium they start at 9 the earliest.

    On behalf of the sleeping part, get a good nightrest the day before, which is more important than the last night! practise the early morning training in the weekend a month before the race. This should prepare you a bit for the absurd start times.

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