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Recommendations for a first 70.3 (half ironman)?

Loving my first season of triathlons and want to take it to the next level next year so thinking of aiming for a 70.3 (isn't that basically a half ironman??). Would hugely appreciate recommendations as to where is the best place to do this - happy (in fact keen!) to travel within Europe to somewhere nice to do it too! Many thanks.


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I'd say go to Antwerp-Belgium.

    The race is begin august and has always had nice weather so far. The swim is great; no wild,choppy waters, an easy course that has long straight lines. The bike course is flat, but a bit windy though( but since you have head and tailwind, that isn't a negative thing then). The run is in laps, so you stay motivated, no long lonely stretches.

    You can convince the lady to come along since Antwerp is a fashion metropole(don't give her the credit card though)[;)]

    Great Belgian beers afterwards!!! [:D]
  • artikartik Posts: 26
    I would look at the Vitruvian -


    All the best
  • I have just done my first 70.3 event - the Switzerland Ironman 70.3 (just outside Zurich). It was awesome! Tough bike (one of the hills is called the Beast!) but really well organised and lovely place to go for a weekend. Good luck!

  • NitrusNitrus Posts: 2
    The Vitruvian is excellent. I did it 3 years ago. Brilliantly organised and a good course all-round. Unfortunately it rained all day, but that somehow makes you more determined! Swim seems to go by very quickly, the bike is (or was then) a 2-lap course with a couple of big hills, but very do-able. The run is basically flat, and a 2-lap course as well.

    This year I am doing The Little Woody (Aug) and it will be interesting to see how they compare. Wimbleball (June) is really tough if you want a battle on the bike ... mega hills there. Nice is a good one apparently, but again tough on the bike - and the run, because of all the hills.

    Hope this is a bit of help, and good luck in choosing one :-)

  • NickNick Posts: 66
    would recomend beulieu middle distance. first time event this year so hopefully back for next year. set in the new forrest swim was a little short but was made up in the run(14miles!) nice flat bike course cycling through the new forrest- just watch out for the horse/cows/deers[:D]
  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I'm booked in to do the New Forest half ironman in Sept, can't wait. I picked one in the UK as my 1st and if I am able to stay injury free and hit my goal of doing an IM next year it will also be in the UK. I'm always a bit weary of going abroad for such a big event after so many horror stories of peoples bikes getting lost, destroyed or pinched. On top of that you've got all the logistical things to sort out which can be harder abroad including getting the right food etc. That's my thoughts on what it is worth. Oh, once I've got my 1st under my belt, if I don't retire I'll be travelling to all corners of the earth to do them....one thing at a time![8|]
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