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Oh no, ripped wetsuit!

My world has ended - I ripped a 3 inch hole this morning in the crotch of my Orca Apex 2 wetsuit, which is only 3 months old! It's just next to the seam of the crotch join between my legs - nice. Does anyone know how I can get this repaired? I don't fancy trying myself, although I've seen a posting on the web saying to stitch it then use wetsuit cement on both sides, which I guess I could try. Are there any shops I can leave it into in london who'll repair it for me? Your input is greatly appreciated!! Cheers.


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    Hey, as far as i am aware the wetsuit is covered by a good warranty, which specifically covers rips or tears, along the seams.

    I would check with the place you bought it from or from Orca direct.

    I have just bought the same wetsuit; would you let me know how you get on?

    Thanks, Paul

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    FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    My 2007 Orca SOnar split along the hip seam. Currently with SBR/Orca for warrenty repair
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    trijunkerstrijunkers Posts: 55
    Returned the suit to Sigma Sports in Kingston this evening and the exchanged it on the spot for a brand new one. Very impressed by the level of service in this shop - highly recommended - unlike the wetsuit!!
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    good to hear the great service.

    Tried my orca apex this evening in a sea race for the first time.

    It performed very well - I need more practice.

    As well as some lube!

    Good luck with the new suit.

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