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Garmin Edge 705 (Mapmyride)

I have purchased a Garmin Edge 705 and also registered on http://www.mapmyride.com.

When I choose to save one of the rides from the website, Where about's do I save the file to?

Onto the Gamin Edge device?

Onto the Map memory card which is inserted into the device?

Also is it into any particular folder on the device or memory card?


  • ollybollyb Posts: 11
    When you plug the Garmin into your computer, you should see 2 new drives pop up in My Computer. One has just a couple of files, one of them really big. This is the map and is on the MicroSD card. The other "drive" is the built in memory. There should be a folder in there called courses. Stick your gpx from MMR into that folder and you can then set it as a route on the Edge.
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