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expensive triathlons

EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
isn't it about that time of year when someone writes a whingeing post about how expensive windsor/london etc is, and how actually little bumf#ck sprint is actually the best as the cows and locals that support it are actually amazing and really we all want to swim in a 25m pool and ride mountain bikes around the village centre?

maybe its too early in the season but quite miss that annual argument? Any takers


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Ha ha ha! Nice one Edstg. I've entered a range of races this year... sprints, ODs, couple of HIMs. It has cost a bloody fortune but I stumped up cos I wanted to do them and that's what they cost.

    Tbh, every race is over-subscribed and if I was an organiser I'd be looking at this as clear evidence that the market would stand even higher prices.

    So I assume you're not doing the Little Bumf$#k super-sprint pogo stick race, then? Shame... could've met you at the start..
  • pataallenpataallen Posts: 94
    yes most triathlons are now a complete rip-off.

    i did the Army tri last week, £8 including as much tea and squash as you could drink! Ok the event was run in an army swimming pool, but the bike and run were on public roads so the costs (insurance etc) are the same as a civvy event.

    So there was no goody bag - but who wants a carrier bag full of "free" shite that goes in the bin nor tee-shirt that falls to bits on the first wash, but an excellent, well run and superbly managed event. The army sprints are later this month, there are a little more expensive at £12, but this is including costs for an open water lake swim.

    If the Army can do it for well under £20 why is the average civvy event around £50? To me this is outstanding VFM and the benchmark, and just proves what a total rip off events have become, with the remainder going on profit to the organiser.

    For this reason I have only entered 2 events this year, one charity and a HIM .
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