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IM Feed stations

Anyone who did IMUK last year........can you remember what Powerbar bars were given out????, Also what other food was given out??



  • matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    Cookies & Cream Power bars on the bike (I think) and plenty to go around. Gels, Pretzels & Bananas along with flat coke, water and gatorr aid.

    Hope that helps

  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I found the feed stations very good, I was a bit sick of bananas and the gels by the end. I think my girlfriend felt I was un-grateful when I turned my nose up at the nanas she'd bought me for when I finished. All I wanted was dirty food.

    At the end thought there was a wedding style buffet at the end and it was great.
  • matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    Yes the buffet was good..Walking up two flight of stairs in the town hall to get to it not so great!!! (-:
  • Cheers guys, just wanted to know so I can buy some. To get used to them
  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    I have a question since this will be my first IM in Aug. When you're on the bike do most guys stop to get the food/gels/nanas....or cycle through and grab stuff?

    and does IMUK give you water bottles which are full at the begining to swap with full ones as you cycle around the course?

    Or do you ditch your water bottles for full ones, and there is a massive free for all for bottles at the end?

    I usually cycle with two, but valuable time will be wasted if I stop unscrew my lid to fill my bottles.

    Simple question - it will be nice to know beforhand!

  • matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    They passed bars to you as you cycled through the feed stations, there were plenty of these until the end…I carried a three litre hydration pack & two bottles on my bike so didn’t need to worry about liquids but I think there was only one station giving out water & gator aid and I heard people complaining that this ran out towards the end…They were handing out bottles so you wouldn’t have to stop and fill your self and I guess people were ditching empties at the station.
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Last year IMUK gave out gatoade bottles with either water or gaterade in, and you ditch your old ones. There was a sea of ditched bottles around the feed stations at the end.

    With reference to food I ate and road at the same time. The people at the feed stations were great.
  • Thanks for all your responces. As they say "fore-warned is fore-armed
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