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Running training

I am currently recovering from a knee cartlidge op and i am very dubious in getting back to running as my knee still causes me a little trouble it has been over 2 months since i had the op but want to get back running my bike and swimming are fine but with running it's totaly different! Any sujestions would be helpful!


  • MaccladMacclad Posts: 16
    I would speak to your consultant.

    But I guess it will be 3months from op before you can get back to running.

    Then go slow, go short, go easy. Build slowly (no more than 10% per week) and STOP?REST for 2wks if you get any pain or discomfort. Then begin again.


  • MartinHMartinH Posts: 11
    If you have access to a gym with a cross trainer then try some sessions on this - similar motion but not impacting. Once comfortable and the X-trainer, you can move onto a treadmill but as a walking pace - but at a fairly steep incline. Again, biomechanically no impacting but very similar to running. You should then be able yo move on to light / easy running and build from there.
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