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Plantar Fasciitis

Hope that's the correct spelling!

Just been diagnosed with this annoying foot injury (about a week ago)- what's your top tips for recovery? I'm icing, stretching calves, taking anti-inflammatories, and doing an excercise where you stretch your toes apart (kind of splayed). I've backed off the running a bit as well - don't seem to be getting anywhere with this one, and I have a sprint tri in a week!!

Any top tips out there?


  • redgrifterredgrifter Posts: 14
    i suffered from this about for months about 5 years ago. My doctor was useless offering only anti inflamms and an appointment with nhs foot specialist 4 months later so i went to a sports injury specialist who made a mould of my feet for inserts in my shoes.
    result was immediate pain relief and the injury cleared up in a few weeks. I think it cost about £100 for
    3 sessions with him and the moulded shoe inserts.Well worth it though.
  • Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    I had this briefly earlier in the year.

    Wearing shoes with decent arch support and anti inflams seemed to sort it out quickly although I didn't run with it for a week or two, but touch wood no further issues.

    I was lucky, I guess.
  • ezridaezrida Posts: 1
    I am also running and I am dealing with plantar fasciitis for more than a year now. There are many things you can do to treat your PF although I understood that treatment efficiency is very individual. If something works for one it may not work for the other.
    I understand that you did try taping? I have found it very useful. Taping will keep your foot from getting injured again and will help you get through your daily routine. There are a few Taping techniques you can find in YouTube - just type "Plantar Fasciitis Taping" in YouTube search.
    Think about your gait. This is the key for your recovery.
    Do swimming and riding a bicycle rather than running. I used to run and I got plantar fasciitis so I started to swim and cycle. Today I’m better with my PF so I ended up as a triathlete.
    I also found a very informative website in: http://www.plantar-fasciitis-elrofeet.com
    Take care & Good luck
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Use a golf ball.
    Place ball on floor,place foot on the ball,exert pressure on the ball and roll your foot around,massaging the base of the foot.
    This may be painful at first,so increase the pressure slowly.
    You can use a tennis ball,but I find this not as effective.
  • Pebbles93Pebbles93 Posts: 21
    It's worth going to see a sports physio, especially as you are racing in a week. They should be able to give you a way to minimise the pain and get through your race and then you can concentrate on a proper recovery strategy afterwards. Bear in mind though that racing may aggravate the problem considerably and you could have a much longer recovery time as a result. A good sports physio should be able to advise you whether to race or not. They don't come cheap, but in my opinion it's money well spent.

    I found freezing a bottle of water & using that instead of a golf or tennis ball really helped initially & saved time as I didn't then have to still ice my foot afterwards. I also had orthotics made to prevent a recurrence and replaced running with aqua-jogging for a while.

    Good luck and hope you recover soon.
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