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Phil Graves..

jacjac Posts: 452
Reckons he's giving Ironman a miss for a couple of years after pulling out of today's IM Lanzarote after the bike.
He said: "If you find me on the start line of an Ironman in the next two years, you have my permission to shoot me."
He did a cracking swim and was fourth after the bike but his legs were shot apparently and he axed it after 1km of the run.
Maybe he ought to have a crack at Olympic gold.


  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Maybe he shouldn't hammer that bike so much and leave somthing in the legs for the run.
    I know it's his strongest disipline but a strong bike leg won't win you an ironman - Reading Ain alar juhanson's interview the other day in a old 220.
    He was amazing at 70.3 - I wonder where he is going wrong ?
    It's a shame because he has certainly got the talent to do it.
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