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I need to replace my Polar HRM (s210) as the data file is corrupting and the readout is unreadable. I alson need to replace a bike computer and would like one with a cadence function. I m thinking of the FR60, with the footpod bundle and the cadence sensor which comes in at around £189. Are there any other alternatives in the same price area, or am I better off getting a separate comp and HRM? If so which? I like the look of the cateye v3. I have a boardman with carbon bladed forks, if the speed sensor needs to be mounted on the front wheel.


  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I replaced my old Polar HRM with an FR60 last autumn. I have been mightily impressed with it and have used far more of the functionallity than I ever did with the Polar. I found the data displays easy to set up and easy to move between during a training session. The footpod has allowed me to track pace as well as effort and this was instrumental in allowing me to follow a modified FIRST program for a half marathon a month or so back.

    I do not have the cycle computer, although I am thinking of getting it. Currently I use a £15 computer that I bought from Tesco direct which has no download function with it.

    Although I think the FR60 is great, in the interest of fairness I should say that I haven't tried any other makes/models and the Polar I had was quite old so it is not a fair direct comparison.
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