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Stomach Cramp


I have just started training for my first triathlon and I find that when I go for a run after a bike session I quickly get abdominal muscle pain which prevents me from continuing. Is there something I can do to remedy this or is it something my body will adjust to as I continue training.



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Its hard to work out your problem without some background general fitness info from you,

    How long have you been traing/
    How fit are you?
    What sport have you done before triathlon?
    What type of training are you doing?
  • nmt28nmt28 Posts: 3
    Ive been training for just a few weeks although Ive got good general fitness. Im 20 and am a member of a uiversity tae kwon do club and play football twice a week during term time. I think its a stitch as its just below the right side of my rib cage although I don't get it whilst swimming, cycling or running individualy, only when I make the transition from the bike to the run. Could it be that I need to strengthen my core?

  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Its an interesting one!

    Did you get your bike fit done? I am wondering if you are not sitting in a good postion on the bike and your core is straining to balance you out?

    if its a stitch then its an easy fix. The porblem with a stitch is there is no real explaination for why so heres my fix.

    Keep running but slow a youch, keep your back straight and breath in slow but blow out hard. keep doing this and the stitch should magically diappear! It normally takes about 1 minute for mine to go. I am not sure if its a placebo effect or if concentrating on my breathing just works but hayho it works!

    Let me know if it works

  • nmt28nmt28 Posts: 3
    I used your advice and although I encountered the same problem your breathing advice made the stitch go away relatively quickly. I think that Im not sat on the bike efficiently and its causing my core to compress and then when I run and expand my core the stitch pops up.
    Thaks for your help!
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