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how soon should i hear something?

ok i posted this q in another board but hid it in an event message to which no-one responded :(

Anyway - i'll try here may get more luck :)

Does anybody know how soon before an event you should hear something from the organisers? I mean - what time is the start, what's my number etc?

Or do i just turn up very early on the day and wait?

My event is a week Saturday (9th Aug) and i've not heard anything yet...


  • Hey notmilk,

    From limited number of races I found that some organisers get your info to you the week of the race- so you should still be OK.

    Check the website of the race- some tend to have a starters list and wave times.

    If still no luck and still concerned, shoot an e-mail to the organisers asking for confirmation etc.

    I am assuming its not London your talking about here??

  • notmilknotmilk Posts: 35
    no it's not london- it's Cymmer triathlon in Afan (wales).

    thanks for the info - i'll keep one eye on the letter box next week :-)
  • notmilk,

    have pm'd you, not sure if it worked - damn technology.

    anyhoo, go to website - click on "enter online" - then there is a button for confirmed entrants.

    if your names on there, your in business.


    p.s - good luck champ!!
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