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Aquasphere Kayenne Goggle (White/Silver) £12 incl P+P

I am selling this pair of goggles, details of which can be seen on wiggle.co.uk ....


I bought these as I read all the wonderful reviews about how they don't leak or fog which every other pair of goggles I have ever worn do profusely! When I wore them the first time I was really disappointed as they filled up within a few strokes and by the end of the length they were full to the brim! I was really disappointed and contacted the manufacturers who promptly and politely replied suggesting that I hadn't bought the right size (I hadn't realized there were different sizes!). So, these are up for sale and I am awaiting my new pair of Small Kayennes.

I have worn these for only four lengths and so they are as new. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, the problem lies with my apparently small face!


  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Perhaps you should tell us the size of the pair you are selling?
  • swarbsswarbs Posts: 2
    Yep, just as per the advert on the link. They are just the "regular" size, with the only other option being Small.
    Hope this helps.
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