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Olecranon bursitis

Hi guys,

I've just been diagnosed with bursitis of the elbow; it's pretty much painless and just looks weird that I currently have one enormous elbow, but obviously I need to rest, ice it and apparently ibuprofen will help too. Bit annoying that I have to give the swimming and strength training sessions a miss as well.

Basically I was wondering if anyone else has had this, and roughly long it took to clear up? My first ever tri is a week on Saturday...




  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    I had this wrongly diagnosed on my knee a few years back and was scheduled to have a surgeon do something to it with a needle.
    Not sure what he was going to do, but he was going to fix it. (Turned out it was miniscus cartlage tear)

    Has the doctor who diagnosed not prescribed a course of action apart from rest?
  • shaunharrisshaunharris Posts: 55
    Ibuprofen, periodic ice and rest. If it's not noticeably gone down within a week I have to go back again, but it's a bit smaller today already. But that still didn't tell me how long until it's completely resolved, so I don't restart swim training too early and make it come back.
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