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Tyre width

I`ve recently bought a new Trek 1.5 which came with Bontrager 700x25 tyres. Would it make any difference (eg over 40km) if I changed them to 700x23`s?


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    negligible, the 25s will have a lower rolling resistance and will feel more comfortable, but there wont be a huge difference (or one that you would notice between 23/25.

    However, there are a few more variables involved.

    If you have got the money to spend tyres can be one of the best investments you can make, a decent set of tyres can save you loads of time, they will also be more puncture resistant.

    So YES get a new pair of tyres, get the 23s if you want, i actually prefer them, pump them up to 120 psi, and away you go.

    Spend approx 50-60 on a new set of tyres, it will be worth it trust me.

    I used michelin pro light 2s, they are fantastic tyres and have one of the lowest rolling resistances you can get.

    I have also never punctured in them and they are coming close to 500 miles.

    Choices include,

    michelin pro light/race (races have more puncture protection, but lights role better)

    Schwelbe ultremo Rs

    Veloflex records - the best if you can get your hands on a pair

    Vittoria - chronos or corsas - both excellent tyres

    Continentals are crap on rolling resistance but some people like them, personally with the exception of the gator skins I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

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