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kit for sale

I have the following kit for sale - simply just can't justify having this stuff for 1 or 2 races a year.

1 pair Speedplay pedals, road X-5 chrome-moly
1 pair Specialized Trivent shoes (with the Speedplay cleats attached), size 45

The above have been used for 1 race, the Barcelona Ironman race last October and have been sitting in a box since. Open to offers. I reckon on normally taking a size 43-44 shoe so these shoes are a little odd sized.

I also have an old Giant road frame with a new Tiagra group set (ok, I know it's not an expensive group set but may do for someone just starting out); also has new Easton seatpost and Bontrager saddle, Pro Synop TT bar set up. Again, this bike used for same Ironman race as above and been hanging up since. No wheels I'm afraid, you'll have to get your own. Quite happy to email pictures if you're interested. Cumbria based.


  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    any idea of what your looking at for the shoes please?
  • GMC_TriGMC_Tri Posts: 7
    Please send me a message to [email protected] with the price you are seeking for the pedals and shoes.

    I might also be interested in the frame and group set, so a guide price on that as well would be appreciated.

  • GMC_TriGMC_Tri Posts: 7
    Thanks for the contact. I've sent an e-mail to you about this.

  • GMC_TriGMC_Tri Posts: 7
    An updated e-mail has been sent to you

  • all above kit has now sold
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