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bike carriers

Im looking to buy a cycle carrier that will not only fit a Fiesta, but the arms to be narrow enough to fit a ladies road bike and childrens bikes too.
The Halfords ones are too wide. The Saris Bones looks good but too expensive for me.
Anyone with any suggestions? :roll:


  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I've got a saris and it's very good, had it on a couple of cars with different bikes. Have you tried getting one from Ebay? I was lucky and picked one up from a mate at work for £35 some things are worth the money though.
  • Yes I am looking on Ebay..... They seem to be selling for not far off new prices! I have read reviews and lots say that the Saris Bones are not good :roll: They look good to me although I havent seen one in real life. You were lucky to get one for £35!
  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Tell me about it, I have thought about getting one for the roof though, as normal it comes down to money though. The bones on though is good sturdy and I can put three bikes on it with ease.

    I even had a bike and a fireplace surround on it once, that might sell it for you.

    Happy hunting
  • The reviews on Wiggle are good.....
    However (& lucky for my bank account), not in stock. Well grey ones are, but if Im going to pay £125 for a bike carrier its got to be red to match the car!
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