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Fritton Lake Sprint Yesterday?

rancidrancid Posts: 8
Anyone do this? If so, do you think the swim was short? However, I thought the run was long......Maybe I was fcuked by then though.


  • MrTimMrTim Posts: 13
    I did the Super Sprint, so can't comment on your swim issue, but the run definitely seemed long on that too!
    When I was going round I was thinking "I bet they've sent us on the sprint route by mistake...".
    Must have been due to the terrain though, as I haven't run on "woodland dirt paths" like that since I did cross country at school ten years ago! Whilst my time was slow for 2.5k it would have smashed my PB for 5k, and there's no way I was in a condition to have done that!

    EDIT: Actually I reckon the Super Sprint swim must have been short; the chap who did the fastest swim (3:51) was only 11 seconds off the 400m world record, and that's with his time including a a bit of wading to the shore and a 30 yard run up a slope to the timing mat...
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