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Sprint or Standard?

As a tri newbie I have booked myself onto my first tri - Cymmer Triathlon on August 9th.

The Novice category (which I have entered) is 300m swim, 15k bike, 3k run.

As I am already fairly fit ( i think) I have started to think that this may be a little too easy and that I should try the more challenging standard race instead - 600m swim, 20.8k bike, 6k run.

I know I can do the distances ok individually but one after the other I'm not so sure about - any advice from seasoned triathletes welcome!


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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I think it could depend a bit on how good a swimmer and runner you are.

    By looking at the distances a 300m swim should be fairly easy, but if you are a stronger swimmer 600m would definitely give you a bit more to go at. The same with the 3/6k, if you are a fairly good runner and quite fit I think you will find 3k a bit short. The bike distances are fairly negligible as i think if you can cover 15k without too much trouble 20k will not be much more of an effort.

    I think if you are feeling fit and fairly confident go for the longer one. Whichever one you do you will feel great afterwards, but i think you may feel like you could have gone a bit longer.

    How about you try the distances in the pool, then see how you feel.

    Then do some bricks at the longer bike/run distance and see if its accomplishable!
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    Go for the longer distance - it's roughly the same as a sprint and should be manageable on average fitness. The shorter lengths won't allow you to get in a rythym and you'll wish you'd had more time to settle in. As long as you are comfortable that you can physically do the longer distances then you have nothing to lose.

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    notmilknotmilk Posts: 35
    thank you for the replies - i have emailed the cymmer tri to ask if i can transfer over to the longer race - await their answer with baited breath!

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