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watch alarms.....for nutirtion

Hello everyone,

I am doing the UKIM this year and have to drink every 15 mintues and eat every 30. I know this does sound too hard but I keep forgetting, probably because I feel good. and then oops I'm dehydrated or low of energy. - anyone else having this problem?

Does anyone know of a watch that you can set different alarms for? I have the Garmin 301xt and that doesn't do it.

I suppose I could just get a cheap timex watch and strap it to my handleabrs? but which one will do that?

Thanks for any help....


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    some HRMs have an interval setting which you can set... effectively it could then beep every 15 minutes?

  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Your 310XY has a time alaert, which can either beep, vibrate, or both. Set it for every 15 minutes, and then all you need to do is remember whether it's a drink, or food + drink. That's my plan.

    For the run section though, I have it set for every 10 minutes, as that ties in with my run:walk (walk:crawl) strategy
  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Hey thanks TRIumphant, Do you have any idea how to set that up?

    Have you upgraged to firmware version 2.90. apparently it makes it so you can swim with it and it will give you acturate distances! clever...

    As part of the training I'm doing my half Ironman distance this sunday!
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Ok, here it is:
    Run Alerts
    Time Alert OR Distance Alert

    Then just turn it ON, and set your time. Excatly the same for bike.

    Good luckw ith the Half Ironman on Sunday, which one is it. I'm doing IM UK 70.3 on 20/06 and Eastnor Middle on 04/07 as training etc. Gor the Dragon Ride this Sunday, 190km and 3000+m of climbing, ho hum!
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