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Tri wetsuite choice??????

Hi, I am very new to Triathlon and to date have competed in events where the swin is in a pool. However, I hope to compete in the Ross-on-Wye event in 2 weeks time. Can any one advise as to what wetsuite to go for. I have tried on a Snugg (£200) which seemed great and have seen many including blueseventy fusion (£230) on line. I only want an entry level one, but would be grateful for some advice.


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  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I have a Foor quantum 2 and its great.

    TRIUK in Yeovil somerset is worth a visit or they are online!
  • 10501050 Posts: 5
    TY. I will check them out.
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