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Blenheim 2011

Having enjoyed taking part in the Blenheim Tri on Saturday I looked on the website to enter next years event....£71

I know a huge amount of organisation is involved, but £71??


  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    [This should probably be in the events forum.]

    Having done London and Blenheim now I can say that I like the big event feel of IMG events and find it raises my game. Even with the huge numbers there is easy parking, slick friendly marshalling (thanks Ox Tri), nice venues, and a thorough professional event feel of it.

    The only downside on these events is the number of beginners getting in the way...mainly on the bike.

    IMG are clearly in it to make money, but the little things required to make the 'feel' add to the cost.

  • nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    I'd say £71 is a massive amount to pay, yes it is a nice venue etc and would cost a lot to organise. But I did it two years ago and it was only £63, it makes you think they're cashing in a bit on a popular sport.
  • Plus...all the spectators pay to watch. Even a friend of mine who competed had to pay £5 for his 10yr old son.
    A nice t-shirt would have been nice...or even a goody bag...!
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Its not as big as Bleinheim for sure, but purely as an example 9and a satisfied customer ;ast year) Highworth tri is £30.

    £71 is taking the doo dah... OR the police/local authority/some other 3rd party is taking the doo-dah pushing costs high.

  • SeboSebo Posts: 2
    Have to agree, it's a tad steep but I do rate the organisation of the event and surroundings. So much so, I have signed up for it again next year (I regard it as a bit of a treat when comparing it to some of the local events for half the price).
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