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Toe Clips v's Cycle Shoes

Hi All

This is my first year doing Tri and I am averaging around 42 mins for the 20kms bike in sprints. (PB of 1:30 at the moment). I use old fashioned toe clips with running shoes at present. The idea being to save money initially and also to save time in T2.

Now I am wondering if the shoe choice is causing me to lose time on the bike. Has anyone else changed from clips to cycle shoes and if so, is there a benefit to be gotten?

I know that I need to get more time on the bike and improve bike fitness, but do I also need to look at the equipment I am using?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I posted an extract from 220 Magazine here

    They note that 30-60 secs could be clawed back by going clipless which may be negated on your T1 and T2 times in swapping shoes but you do feel 'more at one with the bike'

    Practice first on the grass as you will fall over - it is a triathlon law.
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