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Ironman UK 2009

Can anyone tell me what date Ironman UK 2009 will be???



  • woodywoody Posts: 52
    there seems to be a bit of fuss surrounding the date of this years IMUK. It clashes with the Dorchester show, and some are suggesting this years event should move, as the traffic will be diverted around Dorchester and along the same road as the bike course. So I wouldn't be surprised to see next years event move back to August, although there was a roumour that the event may even find a new home, which I certainly hope not, as this is a great area for the event.
  • SuzyPSuzyP Posts: 5
    Thanks guys, will keep my ears open
  • I also would love to know whats happening for 2009. Please take a momwnt to think of us. We are a small busines who happily traded for 16 years untill Ironmanuk came along. We are 4 families who rely on our living from the business. As a seasonaly busines 90% of our money comes from 10-12 weekends of summer trade and Ironman now kills us dead for one of these. We have tried to adapt to dates but with the road totaly closed its difficult and with changing dates we can not try and adapt. We get absolute no compensation or help with our losses which we put at £5000+ the last few years and after the devesting summer weather this year will be a crippler again although if i had a choice the later in September it is the better it is for us. So spare a thought for us as you whizz down our merry hill. Prehaps a change of scenary for Iron man what be a refreshing change for all!!!!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Many sympathies with your plight, but could you turn this to your advantage with some sponsorship type advertising at IM? I am sure you have thought about this but an aawful lot of people descend upon you to spectate & participate, surely if you raise awareness then at least some of those will come along to see what you have to offer?
  • Revels

    Perhaps you could grill up some of those fish for sale to health conscious and protein starved competitors? It might claw back some of the loss.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Having just checked your website I see you offer accommodation, I know that some of the Tri club I belong to have had a mare booking accommodation in the area, so if you are not advertising this you should be which would go someway to offsetting your losses, now all we need is someway to combat the weather..mind you I thought anglers were at least as daft as triathletes & carry on regardless of the weather!
  • And may I just say - those are some HUGE fish!!! I would totally consider staying there - seems like a good option for many
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