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1st Triathlon - Maybe...

Morning all

I have been on and off this site without posting for a while to try and see whether or not a triathlon is for me.

Finally I think that I will enter the HSBC OD Triathlon at Windsor on 12th September.

The thing is have I left enough time to get in shape?

I cycle 10 miles each day as part of a commute and mountain bike as often as commitments allow.

My swimming could be described as competent however I am not a fan of running as I find my my wanders.

Am I aiming to high for the Olympic Distance event?

Any words of wisdom appreciated!


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Are you aiming to high with an OD as your first? maybe maybe not!

    I started with sprints but there arent many local OD's for me.

    The question you need to answer for yourself is
    1. Can a complete the distance's?
    2. Will it kill me?
    3. which is the fastest land speed animal? (no wrong forum for that sorry)

    If the answer is yes to all but 3 which I believe is a cheeta! Then go for and get some training planned and done.

    Good luck1
  • bay73bay73 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply Blinkybaz

    I am off on holiday this weekend for two weeks and I will see how the running goes when I do not have things like work to worry about.

    Will I be able to run 6 miles? Yes.

    Cycling not a problem.

    Swimming should be ok.

    All three together? Let's put it this way I would be happier if the cycling was the last event!
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey! I think your plan sounds fine. Ive met a few people over the years who do a supersprint as their first race, followed by a HIM, so an OD by Sept is very doable. Especially considering you have the right base for it. That sounds like my base fitness level 2 years ago when I got into tri. If you can get a sprint done beforehand, Id recommend it, just to set your mind at ease about silly little things during transition and your kit being ready for an OD. I would also say get some OW swimming practice at one of the lakes. Its very different to a pool so well worth it. Sounds like you will be fine though.

    Dorney is a good flat venue, and all about multiple loops in every discipline on the longer distances, which is better for any supporters you might bring along too. Guess that also gives you a boost on every lap too, which is good.
  • bay73bay73 Posts: 4

    Showing my naivety now. Never thought of a super sprint first to get used to the whole process of a multi-disciplined event . Good thinking.

    I have swam in a wetsuit whilst surfing before but lake practice would be an essential practice for the day.

    I will take my short wetsuit and hit the Atlantic whilst in Portugal.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    3 months is plenty of time to prepare, IF:

    1) You can already swim a bit, perhaps manage a number of 50m or 100m repeats. This would show that your technique is ok and you probably just need to build a bit of swimming stamina.

    2) Your general lifestyle isn't just sitting on the sofa eating pies. As you already cycle-commute and have talked about swimming and running then you probably have sufficient base fitness to handle a training program.

    Don't get too caught up in the goal. I'll stick my neck out here and say you'll be able to get to OD in three months absolutely no problem. Doing a sprint is a great idea, though. There will be little training benefit but as everybody else has said, you really need to get some practice in at the 4th discipline.

    Doing a sprint in advance will also get your head in shape. Do not underestimate the value of mental preparation.

    Oh, and welcome to Triathlon! A wonderful world of great people, great events and a never-ending spiral into carbon-fibre induced debt.
  • bay73bay73 Posts: 4
    Thank you for your positive replies. They really have helped to give me an idea of the preparation required to take on a triathlon.

    Two weeks trying to get fitter in Portugal and if all goes well the application will go in on my return!
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