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2 punctures on same bike ride!

has anybody had this extreme misfortune?

I went out this morning on new route (approx 50km) and was loving the ride... quite a fast route and I got into a good pace. then disaster struck at around 30km and I felt the familiar feel of a flat tyre and the noise as it bouces round. Got off changed the inner tube and got on my wa... then about 4-5 km further on and again a puncture. I couldnt believe..... unfortunately I had only got one inner tube with me so had no way of changing it again and had to call for help to pick me up.

gutted as was having a very good ride... but as I always say, best to get the bad luck out of the way in training and not in races

now I'm hoping this bad karma is out of my system ready for the england game tonight


  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126

    Did you check the tyre to make sure that the offending item was not still in the tyre. This would cause another flat within a short period.

    Failing that it's just pure bad luck.

    Give the tyre a good check over, inside and out, when you get the chance to make sure that there is nothing stuck in it.
  • graham33graham33 Posts: 265
    Atomic is exactly right.

    2 punctures isn't bad a guy I rode with had 6 before he found the thorn in his tyre!
  • Just had 4 punctures in 4 weeks on my brand new bike...

    It was like:

    ME: "Just nipping out on the bike..."

    HUSBAND: "Yeah, I'll come and rescue you in 30mins..."
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