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Road bike to Time trial

Here's one for you.......I'm considering getting a new TT bike. Ive currently got a road bike and I'm doing IM in 7 weeks. I've got the thumbs up from the wife.....which helps!!!

Would any one else do this ?????

Need help in deciding, do you think this enough time to get used to bike??


  • FirestarterFirestarter Posts: 120
    7 weeks?? Thats plenty of time to adjust,. I would get the bike profesionally fitted, Rutel Fitting is the best, Velomotion do one and specify that you are racing IM and they wont make the bike too drastic. Far too many folk seem to think that the lower and flatter you get the better, that is not always the case.

    Ive seen pro cyclists go into a rutel fit and come out with their saddle miles lower and spacers put under their bars, it might not look trick but you'll be in much better shape come the run.

    In short, go for it, 7 weeks (6 if you count a "taper") is plenty of time to be comfy on the bike, but I stress again, get a proper fit done first!!
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