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Ironman UK 70.3 Nutrition


I'm racing on Sunday and was going to try and get a gel down every 30 mins on the bike which equates to about 6 gels. I thought I might take a powerbar and banana as well. Any ideas where I could put my feast? It's my first event longer than olympic and I normally just tape a few gels to my top tube. ps bring on the hills!



  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Ive got a topeak tribag, hopefully I wont need the raincover.


    Personally I tend to get a banana down in T1 rather than try to carry/peel it.

  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    If its to late for you to get a top bar bag try elastic bands or tape to your frame.
  • Defo get yourself a topeak top tube bag, they hold quite a bit. I did Bala Middle distance (IM70.3) on Sunday. I got through... Porridge, bannana, coffee and water at brekkie. Gel half hour before
    swim, also sipped Gatorade. Few miles in to bike grazed on a bannana, half hour after gel then big bites of powerbar endurance every half hour finished with a final
    gel 5 miles from t2. Also sipped Gatorade and water throughout. On the run 1 go gel first 6, then high caffeine back 7.

    Remember this little saying throughout.....if your doing well eat, if your doing well drink....it's a drip feed effect.

    Good luck
  • Right,

    Have ordered a tube bag. Thanks for your nutritional advice. I have only used SIS gels before which seem to go down quite well for me. Not sure about caffeine, I'm sure it's worth a shot but maybe not on Sunday for the first time?

    Thanks for your all your advice.

  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    People over estimate how much food you actually need and end up eating too much.

    Generally speaking you can not absorb more than 60g of carbs an hour.

    This means you only need 2 gels (using H5 gels at 22g carbs each) an hour and about 400-500ml of energy drink an hour.

    If you have solid food you can risk over powering the digestive system because blood is diverted to the stomach to help digest/absorb the nutrients. This means your muscles that need the blood are starved so to speak.....and you will slow down and feel like you cant carry on.

    Every person is different on the nutrition side of things but this is what I have on a HIM

    tin of rice pudding for breakfast
    1 gel before the swim and only drink weak squash with nuun in (no energy drink)
    Gel in T1
    Then every 30-35mins depending on where I am on the course (terrain wise) I have a gel
    I drink H5 extreme approx 300ml-400ml and about 500ml of weak squash with nuun for hydration as you cannot hydrate using energy drink.
    Gel + in T2

    Then one gel + at 40mins on the Half marathon and if I need one another gel + at about 1hr -1hr 10ish.
    Just drinking water from the feed station prob half a cup then throw the rest over me and grab another to throw over me.

    Ill be using the same strategy on IM UK too.
  • Hussler, just read your reply. Do you not hAve any solid food during IM??? You said about solids getting stuck in your GI tract, and diverting blood flow. What do you reckon about grazing on, say, powerbar. Small mouthful ????

    Also why doesn't energy drink re hydrate???
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