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Bike Sizing for a female???

New to this so you'll have to stay with me on this one..!!!

I'm looking to get a new bike - in fact im looking to get the new Boardman Female Carbon..
Now... Been to Bike Hut in St Pauls and have tried both sizes (as well as you can in a skirt and heels with no help really from the store)...
I have pre-odered the medium and the small frame as i really couldnt work out what was best fit for me..!!

I'm a 5ft 5 female and slight build...
I've never had a problem with being 'between' sizes on a bike before (I have an old Orbea)...

The small feels like it's tiny in the frame and the medium im not so sure how comfortable the reach is although the frame feels a little better...

I am a little cluless on what to look out for other than - is this comfortable??
Does anyone have any pointers that might help me???


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