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Cervelo p2

Thinking of getting a new Cervelo on Monday.

Anyone got one???? Are you happy with it???


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Just got mine built up


    Went for the 09 model as it was £400 chepaer and I prefer the red/silver colour scheme

    Collected the frame from the Parcelforce depot and they said 'is that an empty box?' I kid you not the cardboard box weighed more than the frame.

    OK I 'm an old fat knacker but it is fast(er still my tiny legs powering it) and it definitely soaks up the bumps more. There is an atrocious section of road near where I live, didn't realise how bad it was until I hit it, got bounced about a bit but held it. Afterwards reflected that my previous bike which I love to bits transmitted more buzz on surfaces that were not as bad. I got the frame as I have entered my first long distance, the Outlaw, and reasoned that a carbon frame would make 6 hours in the saddle a tad more comfortable.

    I also figured if it is good enough for Chrissie Wellington ...
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Personally I've been somewhat torn between a P2C and an S1, on budget alone.

    Whilst aluminium, the S1 is light and with its two position saddle it looks like it might do both jobs well. And I'd have loads more money for parts.

    Need a bike fit before I commit.
  • jmurt71jmurt71 Posts: 46
    Was trying to make the same decision between a P2C and an S1 a few months ago - went for the S1 in the end because first I didn't think I've got the legs/speed built up to justify a TT bike, and second because on the spin I took the P2C on it was a dog climbing hills compared to the S1. Absolutely love the S1, I tell the guys I cycle with now that 'must attack hills' was part of the contract when I bought it, it's just super stiff and extremely responsive when you stand up to accelerate. I'm doing two very hilly middle distances this year so it seemed like the right choice. I've just recently switched the seat post to the TT position, my first race is two weeks away so will see then what sort of difference it makes to split times, etc.
  • Zac, just looked at your pics......v nice!!! Youve named the bike as well!!! Does this mean when I get mine Ive to do the same????

    Does everyone name thier bikes??
  • SilverbackSilverback Posts: 131
    Hell yes

    Mine's Sargeant Majory-started off as Corporal but got promoted
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Absolutely - having said that my lovely Izalco Tria was simply called 'my bike' but in a fond way.

    But then one of our forumeers, can't remember who, said 'it is dashed bad form to sling your leg over a lady and not know her name'.
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