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Northampton Tri

Looking forward getting round the bike without a PUNCTURE... First time out at Grendon this year on my lovely shiny 5mile-old bike - only got 2 miles and had to walk back.

Gonna try and make it all the way round this time!

Anyone else going? If so (unashamed plug now) please come and say hi to me & husband William who will be manning the Big Green Tent....

We only had 1 visitor on a VERY wet & windy Beaver, so we would LOVE to see lots of happy faces at Northampton in the sunshine!!!

Grab yourself a free coffee mug or pad of post-it notes (oh, we know how to spoil you!) & if we can beat your serious illness cover (& we are pretty confident we can!) you get a free Polar Watch and £100 donated to your club.

Now that's GOT to be worth a visit?!!
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