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ENZO Deep Section Carbon Wheels

I'm selling my sexy deep section carbon wheels


ENZO C85 Wheels (front and back) (Clinchers)

For sale from most decent cycle shops and on SBR website here: http://www.sbrsports.com/566-322148

They are £1000.00 new.

I got mine from Conehead and he only used they for racing, I've since used them for one race and a few hundred miles of training rides. They are in very good condition.

They are available fitted with SCHWALBE STELVIO racing tyres and tubes / valve extenders.

So, if you want them they're yours for £500.00 + £25 postage.

Let me know if you want them by email: gary.roberts101@googlemail.com

I'll be putting them on ebay tomorrow......so let me know!


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