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For Sale: Polar S1 Speed Distance Footpod

I have a Polar S1 Footpod for sale.
It's had light use, as I tended to work out my longer routes using http://www.gmap-pedometer.com.
However it was pretty invaluable when I started running 'properly', as well as Marathon training, in helping me keep pace. The Polar S1 Foot pod is compatible with RS200sd, S625x, RS40, RS200 and S725x watches.

The Polar S1 FootPod is a runnning speed sensor that you attach to your foot which provides very accurate speed and distance readings even without calibration.
The Polar S1 Footpod combines inertial technology and DSP (digital signal processing), which combines accurate speed and distance.

Top Features of the Polar S1 Foot Pod
* Accurate in all weather conditions
* Water resistant up to two metres
* Easy one button activation
* Stable and comfortable to wear
* Inertial sensors measure the acceleration of the S1 foot pod more than 1000 times per second and use this data with advanced algorithms to calculate foot angles and gait velocity.

Wiggle sells these for £90!
To you, Sir, £35 incl P&P.

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