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Ironman 70.3 uk

So now its all over for another year how is everyone feeling??????

Did you all get the times you were hoping for?

Me personally, yes Im happy with my time of 5hr 52m 31s.
Swim 35m
bike 3.20
run 1.48

even though one of my cleats decided it was time to loosen up, if it wasnt for one of the guys on the drink station having a screwdriver I would have lost more than one of the screws ;o)))


  • birdymanbirdyman Posts: 39
    Congratulations. That looks pretty impressive.

    Did you enjoy it it? Would you recommend it as a 1st 70.3 event?

  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    Did I enjoy it? If you asked me in the swim, end of the bike or first lap of the run I would have said no, but for the rest yes.
    Am I glad I did it, ABSOLUTELY, its an incredibly challenging course made worse by the pretty hot weather.
    The race is very well organised, the staff are great, the fans and co-triathletes are very encouraging.

    As for a first 70.3, as long as you bear in mind it is the hardest Ironman 70.3 (according to pros) then it is a great one to start with. It was my first 70.3 and I pretty much hit the times I was aiming for as I trained on a TACX fortus turbo trainer so was able to practice on the actual course profile by downloading from mapmyride.com
    The things I struggled with were the cramps and back ache on first lap of run so maybe better nutrition and longer brick sessions might help.

    Pre-reg opens tomorrow so go for it and get the training started ;o)))
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Cramps and backache. Yep I can relate to that. Not spine central backache from bad position, but tight lower back across the whole area.

    I do like the sound of your turbo. Did it mimic the two steepest pitches sufficiently?

    Stay in the saddle for climbing? No chance. Up and at it otherwise you are going to fall off. Pretty certain thats where the backache came from as I didnt practise that style of riding at all. My first ever climbs with no choice but be out of the saddle. Need to get about more.
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Hey Great effort - I completed the course - in about 6:13 -
    33 mins for the swim
    3:20 for the bike
    2:08 for the run - (what a killer, had to walk the every hill due to lack oif run fitness from injury earlier on in year).

    Event was great and still had energy left at end - only my calves, shins and ankles let me down on the run - looking forward to IMUK in Bolton now .... joys .. and guess what happened today ????

    I broke my 2nd toe on my right foot walking down the stairs - heres hoping it heals quickly .. its rather purple at the moment,.
  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    The turbo trainer is superb for learning a course, the hills on the turbo were maybe a little steeper than the actual course (which isnt a bad thing), you can however in the software change the % of actual power to less or more depending on where you are in your training.
    I make sure to cycle all courses before doing them.

    sorry to hear about the toe, hopefully its only a small break. See if you can get access to an oxygen chamber, or go and visit the doctor who uses horse placenta to speed healing, well it all works for footballers ;o)))))
    seriously good luck with healing and the IM race.
  • jlovattjlovatt Posts: 3
    Hi guys,

    My brother, Marc Lovatt (www.marclovatt.com), competed in this event for the first time last weekend. He did 35mins on the swin also; 3h26m on the cycle and 1h38m on the run. Cycling has always been his weakest area, but he wasn't helped by his chain coming off (despite being serviced just before!) and probably costing him 20 mins in the race and....AND....a place in Florida as he would've been around 2nd in his age group (18-24M). Total time of 5h46m02s.

    We are all ready pleased and proud of him for doing it. We are now looking to see how we develop a career for him out of it as he is still only 21 but works fulltime...how do you guys rate his effort and where could his possible potential be in this sport?

    Well done to all the other competitors who took part as well, we tried to do our bit by cheering you all on! I really felt for some of the guys on sunday...one dropped out of the swim with a panic attack and one with a asthma attack, and i'm sure others suffered as well but hopefully none have been put off!
  • willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    Looking at tha video on his website - this is what jumps out

    1) Swim technique needs work - get coaching. It WILL help and make him faster.

    2) Race number - pinning it on in T1!! Why, number belt or wear it under wetsuit - saves time in T1

    3) Shoes - have em clipped into the bike and run in bare feet to the mount line - and get the bike in the correct gear before leaving T1 - why fannny about getting the right gear once your on the bike - do that when you rack the bike. ( again a Hussler tip)

    4) Aero bars - in the clips shown he wasn't on them.

    5) Raking the bike - Hussler taught me this - rack it vis the saddle so the bike is facing the direction your going to exit. Much faster.

    6) Greeper Lacves - why tie laces in T2!

    Now - if I can tell him that from a 3 min video imagine what a coach will be able to do with him. ( I am crap BTW)

    Time wise - not bad I spose.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    WRT career:

    PRO - the slowest pro did it almost an hour faster. That's a LOT of time. Slowest pro swim time circa 5 minutes faster, slowest pro bike around 50 minutes quicker, though he was up with the slowest pro run.

    Do similar comparisons for his (amateur) age group togive you an idea of where he needs to get to in order to "compete".

    Its a blindingly good time for a first effort, especially in the toughest 70.3 course in Europe,but if he is looking to podium regularly he'll hace some work to do and (unfortunately!) money to spend on coahcing and kit.

    Good luck

  • 101SUSY101SUSY Posts: 53
    There's an article in this month's magazine about an athlete called John Franklin who decided to give it all up and go pro. You might get some advice and encouragement from that. It looks like he made the most impact on his training by hiring a coach.

    There's a link to his blog www.johnfranklintriathlon.blogspot.com

    Really good luck to your brother though, I hope he makes it. He hasn't chosen an easy life but who wouldn't want to make a living from their passion...?
  • jlovattjlovatt Posts: 3
    Cheers everyone, I will pass all the information on to him. He is competing in an olympic distance tri on Sunday at Dorney Lake, where he did quite well before (13th Overall) but that was also a first attempt. Hopefully he is much better prepared and we can now start to find out what his distance will be long term (Olypmic distance or Ironman distance).

    If anyone is at Dorney on Sunday, feel free to PM me or find us there...we will be the one's with a professional video camera (he has a programme being made about him currently which is going to be shown on NTDTV first, a chinese channel that reaches circa 200million people!).

    Luckily, the one thing is doesn't lack is having the effort to try and achieve a professional career. The progress to get to this stage in itself has been immense!
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