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Good time for first triathlon

Hello everyone,

Just a quick question. I am undertaking my first triathlon next week and was wondering what sort of time should I be aiming for. The traithlon is 1500m Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run. Thanks for your advise



  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    kinda depends on how fit u are....???

    Are you a overweight OAP? Or a highly trained athlete??

    Just do the triathlon as well as you can, and be organised for it.
  • largeadelargeade Posts: 166
    Err.. if you've been training you should already know how fast you are at each distance. Plus it depends on the course.

    Start by adding each individual time up, and add say 10mins for transitions which will no doubt be slow. Use that as a target.
  • andissandiss Posts: 82
    Resonable "slow" time
    Swim = 30 min (allows for google messing * 3)
    Cycle= 1.20
    Run= 60min (at least a one stop for a pee beacuse you drank too much on the bike)
    Transition * 2 = 10min (u dont have a trisuit and not running barefoot)

    = 3h
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Stopping for a pee? for an OD, I think you should be building it up so that by the time you hit the run your body has switched off all the excretion functions and just be dealing with trying to get oxygen to the muscles and get you to the finish. Cross the line, stop running and then your body will ask you where the loo is. But yeah, 3h is a decent enough time.
  • dhcmdhcm Posts: 67
    I would say that 30 mins for the swim does not look "slow", especially if it is supposed to allow for goggles being knocked of 3 times etc. 30 mins for swim would be my target for a stand alone time on a good day!

    However, 1:20 for the bike and 60 mins for run do look "slow" to me.

    But I guess it all depends on differences in the events etc.
  • TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    Your first Tri?

    Don't worry about your time! Just relax and try to enjoy it!

    Best advice I got before my first Tri - "Start slow and then ease off" ...although I'm still not sure if that was meant as a joke.

    If you really want a time to measure yourself against, it will vary depending on the course, so try to get last year's results - but remember weather etc can make a difference too.

    ... all that said under 3hrs is a fair result for first ever Tri
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    I'll repeat what I wrote elsewhere today...

    I did two sprint tris at the end of last season.

    1st was a 750m open water swim.

    2nd was a 400m pool swim.

    Both were 20 Km bike + 5Km run.

    The o/w tri I finished twenty minutes FASTER than the pool tri.

    there are too many variables involved to state what a "good time" is.

    My advice? Whatever you finish your 1st tri in is a "good time".

    A subsequent "good time" for the same tri/same course is that time less 1 minute.

    nothing else matters -UNLESS your goal is to podium. Then you need to start looking at last year's times, weather,conditions etc.

  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Look at the times for last years race.

    That will tell you what a good, bad, indifferent time is.

    A good Olympic time would be sub 2.30.

    Sub 1.15 for a 750m OW swim race.

    Ironman sub 17!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    As everyone else has said it is way to variable to give a definitive, but I would say if you are withing about 10/15% of your standalone times for each you haven't done too badly. My first OD run was over 10 mins slower than my standalone 10k (pb was 47 run in tri was 61...not too good at all). My second one, the run was within 5 mins of the pb (~10%) and i was pleased with that, knowing I couldnt have gone any faster (wwell actually I could have done but i had a slight cramp over the last 3k without that i would have been faster)
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    For your first tri? Just finish it.

    For extra points... learn from all the mistakes you make and go quicker next time.
  • I've done one Sprint (500m pool swim, 20k, 5k) and now I'm in the same boat  - I'm signed up for the St Helens OD thats less than 6 weeks away


    Frankly I'm sh**ing it.



    My swim pace in OW is over 3mins/100! and I haven't managed a 1500m OW swim yet...... because I hate OW swimming 


    My stand alone Bike is 1:22 for 40k on the flat(ish) and 01:33 on the actual course due to it having 2x HC Grade 4 climbs 


    My run is 57min for a 10k whether standalone or after a 30kride (i'm working up to a 40k ride, 10k run combo) - but I am running on a rebuilt knee and two bobbinsed ankles

    10mins of Trans (hoping to get that sub 7)

    Altogether that puts me at 3:25+!


    I'm currently getting alot of training on my swim, doing OW and Pool swims, but I'm guessing a few hundred metres of the race might be done Backstroke!

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    You could set yourself a 'gold/silver/bronze' time for each discipline, if you think there are some bits you can challenge. For a first bash at each distance the target can only be to finish and with a big smile on your face!

    Watch the backstroke, though...most races take arm sticking up out if the water as a request for help!
  • That might be no bad thing


  • If you normally train indoors, head outside for a trail run. 
    You need to provide yourself with a change every once in a while so your mind does not become bored with the same regimen day in and day out.

  • Hi all new to the triathlon world completed my first od tri at Salford last month set myself a target to be under 3 hrs and I did 2hrs 59 mins 46 secs terrible swim but average bike and a good run . sprint tri in September  I am aiming to do it in 1 hr 25mins maybe a bit under .

  • I'm doing my first Olympic Distance Tri tomorrow and sub 3 hours is my goal. Nerves starting to kick in big time now!

  • I completed my first OD triathlon in Cardiff, and had anticipated around 3 hours (adding standalone times + a bit for fatigue + a bit for transition). I actually completed in 2:29 (quite a bit quicker). So using the adding up of standalone times + a bit doesn't always work. I guess there are too many variables to accurately predict your time. Just enjoy.

  • 30mins fit the swim doesn't sound slow to me! Learning to swim this year, I've been doing 40m for 1500 OW in training. Did 29 mins in the race but that was on the river, going with the flow.

    1:33 on the bumpy bike course and then 1hr dead for the run, which I considered OK given the hill and the blown ITB at 1km in. Good time next year? Faster than that!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Gusjames... You are right that there are loads if variables, particularly in course layout (topography, weather etc). Cardiff oly was geared to veing quick - while technical it was also flat as a pancake, had small transitions and was a bit short! I suspect it will be my PB for oly for ever!

    Dan... I try to make each course its own PB for the reasons above - I'm sure you will improve a lot next year with more training and knowing what race day will be like. And fixing that ITB!
  • My advice would be lay out your equipment and plan your T1 and T2 the day before at the latest.

    Also get there early (perhaps an hour before your start or more) and rack your bike, check out not only the entries and exits but check where you need to mount or dismount your bike.

    Otherwise, it's your first race. Who cares about times!! Good luck

  • 3h23 for my first OD. 

    Wetsuit doesn't fit anymore and took on water = 40mins

    long run to and from T1 = 5m52

    Good ride, but with 2 lasp over big hills = 1h35 and change 

    T2 = 1min41

    Bang on an hour for the run. 


    I know here there is a lot of room for improvement!


  • ris - i think it was a bit short, the run especially, as my time for the run was about 3 mins quicker than my standalone 10k. But it's in the book as my PB! (Only one i've done!) and will be for a while. Thinking of stepping up to an ironman next. Inspired by the reports from the event in Tenby.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i completed im wales on sunday and the race atmosphere in tenby, narbeth and saundersfoot (and pretty much anywhere else on the route) is totally amazing. the course is a hard as a hard thing.  the advice on here a little while ago about gearing for the hills is really true, and i wish i'd followed it! 

    the finish, though - what sweet delight that is after a long day out. 

  • Awesome Rob, how was the knee?

    Ris Wales sounds brilliant, have you got a link?

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    tridaddy - ironman wales - if you are planning to do it then don't hang about as the race does fill up fairly quickly! 

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