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Triathlon training plan focusing on running...


Does anyone know of a good low budget training plan that focuses on running but doesn't totally neglect the swim and bike training! Or just some good reading material I should be looking at.

I've done three 70.3's now and every time have performed badly on the run in comparison to my straight run time.

I have ten weeks to correct this before the Vitruvian, so any suggestions or help will be much appreciated.


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    I'd suggest concentrating on the bike training if you're happy with your standalone run. Get more speed endurance on the bike and then don't use it all. A good bike followed by a bad run is a bad bike. That's a quote from somewhere.

    Evaluate why your runs have been bad. For example I have to really concentrate not to run too fast out of T2 for the first mile.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    shaggy pretty much has it.

    You need to work out WHY your run falls apart in order to address it. Its what any half decent coach SHOULD ask you so you HAVE to work that out anyway whether you do it yourself or pay for the help.

    Or you can pay me and I'll tell you to keep doing what you're doing, only more of it ;-) [not really! I'm a better coach than that! I would hope!]

  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Here's a question to start you off...

    what bricks do you do in training?

    how do THEY go?

  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Bricks, I tend to do one off a fast bike (commute home, 23 miles) and one off a long bike (Saturday group ride 40 - 80 miles), a week.

    So two a week, both of around four miles.

    I tend to feel pretty good and now you point it out I guess I do let my long runs slip a bit in the last eight weeks leading up the race.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    the other really important bit is how you ride the bike section. Gears, cadence, effort up hills etc. Makes a huge difference.

    I rate endurance nation - check out their section on xtri.com the how to execute on race day stuff is well worth thinking about.
    http://endurancenation.blogspot.com/200 ... ution.html

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