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Gap between races?


I'm thinking into next year already and the plan is to build a good base this winter and enter some middle distance races, rather than the Sprints and OD's I'm used to. I'm looking at Bala as well as Alpe D'Huez Triathlons. What I'd like to know is how long is it recommended to rest between races of this length(both 1/2 IM ish). They are only 5-6 weeks apart and I'm not too sure whether that's too close in terms of resting post Bala and Tapering before the Alpe D'Huez Tri.

What's the general consensus?




  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    A gap of 5 to 6 weeks is plenty of time to recover,train and taper.The distances you cover in training for middle distances are ones that allow for minimal recovery.It is when you start to progress to longer runs,say over 16 miles that the body needs to take longer for recovery.

    You could even factor in an OD race between the two to keep the edge in.The downside is,which race is most important to you,and the greater the chance of injury,but you could get injured getting out of bed in the morning.

    Having a focus of another race will also stop the 'blues' from getting to you.
  • pkdo75pkdo75 Posts: 20
    Cheers jon.E probably enter both as soon as entry opens. This is my 2nd season in tri and whilst I enjoy the shorter distances I have found that I really enjoy long distance bike rides as well as having a background in long distance running. Decided to have a go at 'going long..er' before I contemplate IM. The Bala sounds great and ticks the 70.3 box but the Alpe D'Huez is my top race for obvious reasons although it is a unique distance of it's own 2.2,115,21 with an iconic climb thrown in as well as running a half marathon at 2000m altitude. By my reckoning if I can do that then I'll give IM a go in 2012.

    Cheers, Paul
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If you are looking at races that are more specific to your requirements,over the last few years tri has moved away from standard distances are there are now none standard races such as Abu dhabi tri etc.

    You can train for Middle distance races and get good results over shorter distances,but going from Middle to long distance is a quantum leap if your want to race the distance rather than complete the distance.

    My simple rule of thumb,which means me standing in splendid isolation,before getting in my chieftain tank and hitting reverse before I get hit by a torrent of abuse is.

    Train to race sprint distance competitevly and you can finish an OD.
    Train to race an OD and you can finish a middle distance.
    Train to race a Middle Distance and you should be able to struggle across the finish line of an IM.(although I guarantee want state mentally or physically you will be in)
  • rein08rein08 Posts: 2
    Get a personal trainer.
    ANd do not forget to take break during gaps.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    It all depends on your recovery rate, but 5-6 weeks is plenty of time.

    I raced back to back HIM this year, Beaver one weekend then Weymouth the following weekend and I actually raced better at Weymouth and posted a PB on the run (1:29) finished 18th overall and was only 14 mins behind the winning Pro!!

    I have also raced a sprint or Olympic distance Tri on a wednesday and then raced again on the Saturday or Sunday.

    Another example is this weekend just gone I raced at Trentham HIM and in 2.5 weeks time Ill be racing at IM UK.
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