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Open Water events in the North West?

yes and yes. Im based in leeds, so that sounds fantastic to me!


  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    Sounds fantastic and Manchester, although quite a way, is do-able from Wales so I'd be keen
  • Emma ThomasEmma Thomas Posts: 14
    Hi Guys

    I am new to the whole Triathlon world as my background is predominantly swimming however I am currently in the preliminary stages of setting up a specialised Open Water (and swim specific Tri) training event based in the North West (probably around the Manchester area). The event would consist of 2 sessions - one pool based with under water filming/analysis and session guidelines delivered by GB coaches and GB Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers. There would then be a series of seminar style sessions on nutrtion/stroke analysis/race preperation. There would also be a 'Q&A' session with the panel of GB coaches and Olympic athletes. The day would finish with an open water swim session and a mini-race opportunity.

    The research I have done so far indicates that the majority of events like this occur in the South of England - so my question to you Northern atletes would be - is there a demand for something as high profile and as specialised as this in the North West????

    Please any thoughts and ideas welcomed......
  • Emma ThomasEmma Thomas Posts: 14
    Excellent. Thanks Guys. I will keep you updated with any concrete plans we have. We are currently looking at venues for September this year so will let you know!

    Many thanks
  • SwimfanSwimfan Posts: 19
    Sounds ideal. Based upon the number of similar organisations doing this in and around London I'm sure there'd be enough interest to do something regularly too.
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