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Lunchtime swim sessions in Stockport

Shameless plug here for our Masters / Swimfit sessions every lunch time at Grand Central Pools, Stockport. They are coached sessions and the group is steadily growing in size and is a nice mix of triathletes, masters swimmers, former swimmers, those wanting to improve their strokes and those trying to get fit with a future triathlon or openwater swim.

The sessions are pay on the door (£4.20).
Monday, Tuesday, Friday from 12.05 to 1.05
Wednesday and Thursday from 12.35 to 1.20pm.

The coach is Craig Ward who was a national level swimmer himself. He brings energy, encouragement and a little bit of madness to the sessions.

Ideal for those of you who would like to train at lunchtime rather than in the graveyard shift late in the evening.

Sorry for the plug but we think we've got something different to offer here (lunchtime and coached). Moderators - If our blatant advertising contradicts the terms and conditions please remove.

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